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Ethical Filter Worksheet

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Ethical Filter Worksheet

University of Phoenix


Personal Source

Justify the Value's Position in the List. Include any challenges to employing these values consistently when making personal and organizational decisions.

Honesty My personal source for honesty is my mom's examples. I placed honesty on the top of the list because I believe every decision, personal or professional, honesty is expected. By being honest with yourself and others the decision will be more easily recognizable and in the best interest of everyone involved. Being honest is tough especially if your honesty might hurt some else's feelings but it is a must to come to the correct decision.

Respect My personal source for respect is my life experiences. I placed respect second on the list because having respect for everyone involved in the decision will allow everyone to accept your decision even if it has a negative effect on any of the individuals or organizations involved with the decision. Respect is a vital trait in any decision made.

Poise My personal source for poise is my personal experiences being involved in team sports. I believe poise is important to proper decision making because some decisions can be very stressful and with poise you won't become overwhelmed and your decision won't be clouded by other factors. Your mind will be clear and your poise will lead you to the right decision.

Open- Minded My personal source for being open-minded is my experiences in a diverse world. Being open-minded is important because if you enter any decision with a close-mind and not open to other ideas, you might miss out on the correct solution to your problem. Entering anything with an open-mind will allow more brainstorming and create an environment were more ideas are brought to the table. The challenge is not allowing yourself to believe your solution is the best solution and being able to accept the fact that your decision may not be the best option.

Assertiveness My personal source for being assertive is my experience being a leader. Being assertive is important to any decision because you have to stand by your decision, although it might hurt others. You can never wavier; you must make your decision and support it. Doing this allows more people to buy in to your decision even if they don't agree with it.


Living More. (2008). Value List:



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