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Evaluating How Morals and Ethics Are Viewed in the Work Place

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Essay Preview: Evaluating How Morals and Ethics Are Viewed in the Work Place

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Evaluating How Morals and Ethics Are Viewed In the Work Place

A portion of our Code of Conduct handbooks states "The code of conduct is to promote lawful and ethical behavior by ALL employees, officers and members of the board. What is our obligation to the company and to fellow employees? Failure to act when you know improper conduct is occurring is itself, improper behavior." So for half of the employees that I talked to, this statement false! Management can do what they want as long as it saves the company money. They went on to tell me that when they do go to upper management regarding improper work behavior, they are dismissed and told to return to work.

As I move up the latter within the company I have grown to realize that management does treat certain employees differently than others. These two groups of people are Hourly and Salary. The first group is the Hourly and they are mostly protected by the union. These groups of people have certain hours they work. All overtime is paid; the get yearly raises on top of more raises approved in the contract they sign. However, the company does not take this group of people seriously. Any complaints the company receives from the hourly are passed off as not that important. This group thinks the company has no ethics or morals. The second group is the Salary. This group works with no protection from the union, works long hours does not get paid overtime. Some even work from home after they have worked a 12 hour day in the office. Some work with dual monitors so they can work faster. They haven't had a raise in 4 years; however, they are taken seriously. Every idea is placed on the table and no one is "dismissed back to work". They really enjoy what they do and the company they work for. So you ask how I evaluate morals and ethics in my workplace. I think they are on a great path they just need to weed out the bad apples!



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