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Excerpt on the Business Model of Human Trafficking

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Essay Preview: Excerpt on the Business Model of Human Trafficking

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Excerpts on the Business Model of Human Trafficking

The concept of human trafficking has been deemed to be a complex area of study. Based on its dynamic and intertwined nature, there have been several assumptions by scholars that there is only one general business model for human trafficking which can only be applied to the size of the various groups involved in human trafficking. Nonetheless, the available business models of human trafficking can be linked to global legit businesses which have an idea of their environment in order to make decisions that are based on the shift in the environment. These global legit businesses have organized structures which vary between loose to traditional structured hierarchies with focal references on division of labour and assigned tasks.

On this note, Shelly (2003:119) argued in line with the studies conducted on these business models that “there is a significant and cultural difference between all human trafficking establishments” (Shelly 2003:119) and “these differences can be traced to the roots of the establishment which must be understood in order to fully grasp the idea behind human trafficking. Trafficking organizations are deeply enshrined within the global society as there is no state within the international system where there are no incidences of human trafficking and more so, the social, political and economic structure of the society plays a major role in in how trafficking organizations carry out their operations.

The stigma of human trafficking is a clear violation of the fundamental human rights law and with this in mind, it is impossible to analyze this issue from the viewpoint of victims of trafficking, but can be analyzed from a holistic point of view in order to fully grasp the idea behind the subject matter. It is important to note that the behavior of the victims of human trafficking can in no way change this issue and as such, it is necessary to understand the nature of the traffickers- dealing with the who, what and how they operate as well as what motivates their business and by so doing, both governmental and non-governmental organizations and security agencies can effectively curb the trafficking activities, which will reduce this problem as well as present security agencies with ideas on how to effect these changes in the future of human trafficking. Furthermore, by focusing on the individuals that run trafficking operations, academics and practitioners will be able to understand the dynamics behind what drives traffickers in their operations and the methods used.

Again, from analyzing both viewpoints, the idea and the knowledge garnered will set the foundation for security agencies and the government to effectively plan and present reforms that will bring an end to the operations of human traffickers and well as the benefits accrued to traffickers when engaging in such activities. Analyzing and addressing the subject of trafficking in humans’ draws the attention on the need to understand the modus operandi of this criminal act, whether it is in form of force, cohesion or deception of their victims. Furthermore, the ability of the security agencies in identifying and deterring potential traffickers as well as the ability to prosecute human traffickers will serve as a note of warning to individuals who try to engage in



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