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Film Analysis of Blade Runner

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Essay Preview: Film Analysis of Blade Runner

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How is the first 5-10 minutes of Blade Runner related to film Noir?

During the first 5- 10 minutes of Blade Runner, the viewer gets introduced to the story in text in front of a black background, and during this the viewer can hear eerie/spooky music with gun shots and a faint alarm going off in the background. The impression the beginning gives off is that the society portrayed is heavily industrialised and gives off feelings that social isolation and disconectivity with nature are present. These characteristics relates to Film Noir (Literal meaning in French: Black Film) in a variety of ways, some of those ways being; eerie/ spooky music, darkness of the general surrounding, and noticeable sights of heavy industrialisation, which gives a deeper meaning to the Film. Film Noir is a style that is characterised by pessimism and a dark, gloomy atmosphere and tends to explore the dark effects of modernity. In blade runner this is very much evident from the beginning of the film. As the scene of darkness and words change to the view of the city during night, one could see a heavily industrialised area of tall cramped buildings with flaming pipes at the top of some building burning gas in large puffs, with no nature to be seen and the continuation of eerie/gloomy music. There can be an underlying message gathered from this movie in general, which is that, our own technologies and seemingly safe developments could turn against us in unexpected ways.



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