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Foreign-Born President

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The president is an extremely vital position in a country. President brings great effects on the development of this country as the highest leader. It must be considered discreetly to choose an eligible president. Recently, there is a hot debate about should foreign-born American citizens be allowed to run for US the president. Some people assert that president should be a natural-born citizen for protecting the nation from foreign influence. However, as the rapid development of this world, people are trying to achieve the goal of equality and freedom. Logically, foreign-born should be allowed to run for US president.

First of all, the equality is what human try to achieve. America is one of the most equal countries in this world. They advocate everyone is equal in this country. That is why many people try to come to this country and to be apart of this country. Many American citizens are proud of their country and they believe they are lucky enough to be an American among the world's 7 billion people. Because they believe what the country stands for, American even called their country as the land of liberty or equality. However, these are just superficial surface. Inequality does exist in this country, and the idea about natural-born president is better is a kind of inequality. No one should be automatically better than anyone else simply by virtue of birth.Natural-born does not mean better than natural-born, and they are just different, they just have different experience and background. It is just different rather than good or bad if they did not do anything bad such as commit a crime or take drug. People should not judge they are good or not simply by the different experience and background. Do not allow foreign-born citizens to run for president can even be regarded as a kind of discrimination. It goes against what the US stands for. Conversely, if government allows foreign-born citizens to run for president, it would be a symbol that foreign-born citizens get equal status in American society. It also can tell people that the US is fulfilling their promise about creating a more equal Union. Obama became president symbolizes that people with different skin of color have been treated equally. Similarly, a foreign-born president would indicate that people with different virtue of birth get equal treatment as well.Therefore, from the aspect of equality and fairness, foreign-born American citizens should be allowed to run for US president.[ Justin, Elliontt (2011, April). When the GOP wanted a foreign-born president. Salon. ]

From another aspect, foreign-born American has different views from those local people. They usually have wider horizon because they have ever lived in other place for a long time. They know how is the world outside the US, and make a better comparison between America and another country. In addition, foreign-born American even knows better about this country than others because mass media and government could blind local people. If there is something wrong or some problems in this country, the government will always try to hide the truth to blind citizens. People always say that you do not really know yourself, sometimes other people know better than you, especially for the defects. It is hard for a person to see his defect clearly. Similarly, a president born in other country might know better about the defects of this country so that he can lead this country in a positive way, to find problems and solve them rather than hide them and blind citizens. Also, foreign-born American know the opinion of other country about America, it can bring a lot of help to diplomacy. Most of American citizens love their country, they are proud of being American; they believe that America is the best country in this world. However, foreign people might not think so. The image of the US is not really good in some area. Some of them believe that the US is standing for the hegemonism and power politics. They believe the US intervene other country's politics, and provoke wars. They do not think America is friendly. But for those foreign-born American, they know how other people judge American so that they can make a better strategy on diplomacy. For above reasons, foreign-born American can see this country in a more objective way and they can do better as a president.

Foreign-born American will see the advantages of other countries and learn from them. Everyone has ever been told by teachers about trying to study from others so that you can make more progress. Same principle for a country, it is necessary to learn something more advanced and reasonable from other countries. Especially for the US, American people are too confident in themselves. They believe that American is the best country in this world, they have most advanced technology, most powerful army, most fair administration of justice and social welfare, and best education system.[ Jason, Koebler(2011, May). U.S. Can Learn From Other Countries' Education Systems. US News. ] So they do not think they need to learn anything from other countries, they are good enough. But overconfidence can always cause failure. Actually those things in America may not be definitely the best in this world. For those foreign-born American citizens, they could be more modest to learn from others, and they know what really better or more suitable for the US. For example, the education achievement in the US has dropped to the middle level among developed countries, according to the 2009 Program for International Student Assessment report, which ranked the knowledge of 15-years-olds in 70 countries.[ Jason, Koebler(2011, May). U.S. Can Learn From Other Countries' Education Systems. US News. ] American has ever taken the good ideas in steelmaking and industrial chemicals from England and Germany and then put them work better in the US in the past. Now, they need to learn the educational strategies from those successful nations. The example above shows that America learn from other countries and also will need to learn more in some certain areas because there is no perfect country or society, but keep learning might be closer and closer to perfect. Therefore, a foreign-born president, who can be modest to see the advantages of others and learn from them,



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