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Foreigner's Crime: A Virus That Will Ruin Our Beloved Country?

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Essay Preview: Foreigner's Crime: A Virus That Will Ruin Our Beloved Country?

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A friend was almost in tears when she told me she had nearly been raped. She had gone to pick up her mother from a place of worship at 10 p.m. Suddenly, someone attacked her from behind and pushed her into the back seat. She climbed to the front seat and began pressing desperately on the horn. She said she is certain the man was a foreigner. Our local press pin the blame for many crimes on foreigner or foreign workers, usually from Africa, Indonesian, Bangladesh and many more (Jonathan Krishnan, 2011). Does this mean most crimes are committed by foreigners? What types of crimes? And what is the solution?

Records disclosed by 10 police forces reveal a 120 per cent rise in the number of non-Malaysians arrested, charged or convicted of offences between 2007 and 2009. DSP Ku Ching Wah, Chief Assistant Director of Criminal Investigation, said: "These statistics are partial but they confirm a great deal of anecdotal evidence. I have lost count of the number of magistrates who have told me privately of their concerns about the high proportion of cases coming before them which involve immigrants (David Barrett, 2009)."

Crime in Malaysia manifests in various forms, including drug trafficking, money laundering, fraud, corruption, black marketeering, and many others by immigrants ("Home Affairs Correspondent," 2009). The point I want to make is, the immigrants do this crime because they doesn't afraid of our police. The policeman in our country doesn't do their task very well to overcome their act. They think our policeman are easy to handle and ineffective while doing their job. Then, the immigrants like to trick local people especially women. Their modus operations are easy, as they like to make false promise by their wealth and right after the girls enter their trap, the girls can't escape anymore. Thus, the foreigner criminals will be caught.

Based on the statistic, human trafficking and drug trading are the highest rank from all of the crime made (David Barrett, 2009). This is to say, human trafficking making immigrants in our country become overload. All the illegal immigrants mostly came by boat from Sabah, because Sabah is one of the easiest ways to enter our country. On the other hand for drug trading, the foreigner's criminal will offer them job opportunities with high salary or studying overseas sponsored by them. As example, bring a bag for them at the airport. As a result, the victim will get caught and there are no turning back and escape routes.

Obviously every problem has the solution ("Crime by foreigners doubles in five years," 2009). All in all, to overcome this problem many solutions can be proposed. Firstly, the foreigner's criminal must to be sent them back to their country. It will save a lot of costs other than jail them. Recently,



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