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A Country Called Pakistan

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Since starting university, I have begun to look at everything in a different manner. As clichéd, typical and cheesy as that sounds, it's actually true! It's like getting an entirely new perspective and then moulding and exploring that certain perspective and suddenly you see the world in a brand new way. Maybe this is all at its very core related to being an art student and how art students need to train their eyes to observe. Whatever the reason may be, I like this new sense of vision. In this, the most important thing for me is perhaps seeing my country, my Pakistan in a whole new light. We're a society, a timeless generation that is so full of richness in terms of culture, values, traditions, customs and ethnicity. I have never come across such vast limitless areas to explore and as much as I love my country, seeing it a whole new light is one hell of an interesting experience 

There is colour, variety, movement, tradition and many other aspects in everything that I see, now. These elements are so deeply rooted in my country and how we as a people, as a race honour and cherish those traditions is also something to be proud of. Every province on the map of Pakistan has its own sense and way of living, their own traditions, personal values, things that hold importance for them as human beings, cultural aspects, social aspects, economic, political, you name it; it's all there. And what is even more amazing about this is the fact that each province will have different traditions, morals, cultural issues that define them and combined together, we have a mixture of various traditions that are rife with the richness and stamped with the personal identity of a country called Pakistan.



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