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Forest Gump Vs. to Kill a Mockingbird

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Essay Preview: Forest Gump Vs. to Kill a Mockingbird

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Forest Gump vs. To Kill a Mockingbird

Forest Gump and To Kill a Mockingbird by far my favorite movie and book of all time, and could be argued that they are the best of their time period. I am comparing and contrasting these two stories because their story line and overall plot are very similar to one another. In the fact both of the main characters are being looked down upon as unequal from their prejudice peers, Forest being one of them and the African American population in the town of Maycomb, Alabama being the other. Also In each story both main character have someone that helps them and cares about who they really are.

Each story both main characters feel that the population as a whole is prejudice against them because of an issue or problem with their appearance to society. In Forests case since he was as a little boy and through out his life he has been a little mentally slow, but has not affected his personality or outlook on life. And the African American population in To Kill a Mockingbird was being wrongfully looked down upon because of their skin tone back in the 1930's and 1940's. Each Character in both story has someone to help fight off people from being prejudice against them in day to life. In the movie Forest Gump this character happened to be Jenny, she helped stand up for forest ever since kindergarten till the day she dies. Through out forests life people have tried to hold him down by calling him names and trying to discourage him, but Jenny has always been there to protect him from the cruel world. In To Kill a Mockingbird that personal protector was Aticus Finch, he was one of the towns most respected lawyers up until he decided to defend a young African American man that was clearly innocent but was being accused of a horrid crime. This man was very strong in his belief of doing what is right witch led to losing all respect from the rich controlling citizens that had full power and control over the town. Even going to the extremes that his son named Jem was assaulted and had his arm broken because of Aticus's decision.

It is sad that some people are so hard headed and so insecure about themselves that they feel a need to be prejudice against one another. But as long as these people exist so will hatred and segregation. But as long as we have great people in this world such as Atticus and jenny then there is some hope for a vision of equality for everything. Someone that reminds me of both of these characters is Martin Luther King JR, because some of the good historical deeds were done just to strive for equality for everyone no matter who you were. This great historical man organized some of the greatest and productive non-violent public demonstrations, such as the Montgomery bus boycott. He turned out to be such a great powerful leader that in 1964 he won the Nobel Peace prize witch is only handed out to the most inspirational people of their time. One of my favorite Martin Luther King quote was "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase'. What this quote is saying is if you believe in something and don't know where it will lead you, trust your feelings and just roll with it. I think this man is like Jenny and Atticus because they



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