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Frederick Douglas Timeline

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1817-The year thought Douglass was born(no official record kept of slaves) and soon

separated from his mother (purpose was to destroy sense of family)

- douglas was never sure of his exact age because slaves were not connected to the genealogical trees.

- hen he lived in the south he wasn't allowed to read anything and when he was found reading a newspaper and were infurious.

1838- he was twenty one when he escaped to massachusetts for freedom

- he married when he moved to massachusetts

- soon after marrying he started to publish speeches in the news paper about abolitioning slavery

- he changed his name from Bailey t Douglass after the hero in the romantic novel “ the lady of the lake” by sir walter scott

1845- douglas went to england (because he faced dangers as a fugitive) he started an antislavery sentiment (his british friends got $700 to purchase his freedom).

1847- douglass founded a newspaper ( he called it The North Star because it was that star he would follow to freedom) in his newspaper he would talk about abolitionment of slavery

-  he was hired as a lecturer in massachusetts for the antislavery society

1852- douglass was asked to speak at the celebration for the declaration of independence ( in his speech he says “ this fourth of july is yours, not mine , you may rejoice and i will mourn”) his speech struck hard with african americans.

1855- he published a better version of his lifes story titled “ my bonadge and my freedom “  these narratives aboutslaery were very popular and influenced the abolitionist.

- during the civil war he advised president lincoln, and helped with the underground railroad, which was a wah for the slaves t escape the south and get freedom.

- douglas also helped recruit african americans for the union army

- after the war he continued to write

- believed that to rehabilitate people was through education

1881- published another version of his book called “ the life and times of frederick douglass”

- today douglas is known for his strong humane values, and for his writing.



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