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Frequency Distribution

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Essay Preview: Frequency Distribution

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pplication: Frequency Distributions

Frequency distributions, particularly the normal curve, will be an ongoing concept in this class. The normal distribution is very common in behavioral research. When you describe data with many different scores, you will understand more about it if you know what type of distribution it is. This assignment focuses on your ability to understand and distinguish between the different types of frequency distributions.

The assignment (1-2 pages):

Imagine that you can predict the class's scores on the Tests for Understanding in this course. In Week 1, there was a bimodal distribution. In Week 2, there was a positive skew. In Week 3, there was a normal distribution. In Week 4, there was a negative skew.

What do these different scores tell you about the tests in Weeks 1, 2, 3, and 4? What is happening to the students' scores over time?

What type of distribution would the instructor most want to see if the best result is that most students earn an average score?

What type of distribution would the students like to see in order to be most likely to earn a good grade?

Please explain your answers.

To prepare for this assignment:

Carefully read pages 21-27 in your text.

Review the Chapter 2 "Review Card" located in the back of the textbook.

When you read, be sure that you study the figures and key terms and that they make sense to you.

Review the video clip: Recognize shapes of distribution curves



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