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Gang Life

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I've got only five minutes...five minutes to tell you my story. In five minutes a lot can happen. In five minutes you can go from zero to absolute you can push one button in order to blow up a city, to destroy millions and millions of lives. In five minutes I've destroyed only one life and I realized how mixed up I was. I've lost myself in the service of others and now, I don't know where my mind is. But it's not like this! I am FREE!

Let me tell you how I got into this mess....

It all started when my Mom, gave me some extra pocket money, in order to go out and have fun. You know what I've did instead? I went with a friend in a pub and we drank a beer. Nothing wrong in this, you'd say...yeah, the beer felt good, the smoke in the pub was hallucinating, the flow which I suddenly got on my lips was miraculous. Soon that beer transformed in one tequila, that tequila transformed in bottles and bottles of vodka, until there was no more money to pay for the alcohol. So. After I've stolen everything which I found in the house, after I've robbed my Mom, after all this...the only word which came into my head was : "more" . bus there was nothing left back home.

So I found a man, a man who needed my help in order to sell his merchandise. He sold cocaine, heroine, know. And I helped him, I got into his service and carried out his tasks. Soon, the most expensive vine, the most expensive champagne was laying on my table. You could see me in a club, accompanied by the most beautiful women you could ever imagine. Everything I wanted was right there, waiting for me to buy it. And for what? For selling drugs? I didn't care anything about the life i used to live, the evil I've spread, the harm I've done with my actions. I was lost, my only tack was to service that man as well as I could.

Until one day. One damned but miraculous day. Those five minutes which I was talking about started when I turned on my TV and saw a news about a boy who'd died because of an overdose. I knew that guy, he was one my clients. He died because of the drugs he'd taken from me. He died because of me! My breath stopped when I saw his mother crying. I could picture out my mother and the tears she'd shed for me. I swear that I was able to count them. And there were billions, equivalent with my bank account. Then my mind went crazy and since then I live only in those five minutes. But today I looked up and I saw the blue sky. And I realized that I'm a good man.

A good man with my own sins.



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