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Gen 200 - Foundations for General Education and Professional Success

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Essay Preview: Gen 200 - Foundations for General Education and Professional Success

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Personal Responsibility

Timothy W. Hall

Foundations for General Education and Professional Success GEN/200

30 January 2012

Monique Mitchell

Personal responsibility influences every aspect of daily life. It changes goals, time management and the ability to succeed in college. Personal responsibility is a fundamental element to personal success and should be greatly valued. "Our society doesn't talk in a formal way about what responsibility means. We don't deliberately learn it in school or even - unfortunately - on the job" (Galindo, 2009).

In deciding to return to college a plan to set new goals was needed. Decisions on how to achieve those goals through time management and to create a way to succeed in all aspects of my current responsibilities, as well as, the new challenges being added to that routine had to be set in motion. In order to reach those goals it will be necessary that said goals are continually reevaluated and plans made. This will require that a higher level of personal responsibility be maintained in order that my success will be achieved in college and all other daily responsibilities.

Personal responsibility is vital in this course of action. It gives the foresight to plan and execute the above mentioned goals. In managing time, life and school responsibilities each activity can be kept on an even course that will ultimately take the path to the end goal. Losing sight of the value of this responsibility would cause a misstep from the path to the ultimate achievement; obtaining a degree in the chosen course study at a college level.

I have long wanted to obtain my college degree. Personal responsibility will be the fundamental element to achieve that success. Throughout my naval career and my new DOD career I have relied on my ability to maintain my personal responsibilities. Adding the challenge of college courses will raise the bar of my own expectations; however, I believe it is possible to grow as long as I am responsible to myself and to my goals.

In conclusion, choosing to start a new path adds challenges in the area of achieving a goal and time management. Success in college via personal responsibility is achievable for two main reasons; first, it must be remembered that personal responsibility has value and should be nurtured through a reevaluation of goals and other daily parts of life on a regular basis. Secondly and most importantly, I believe that personal responsibility is a fundamental element to being successful in all goals including life, business and even in new goals such as obtaining a long awaited college degree.




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