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Geography Current Event - Article Review

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In this article of peril, the Mississippi river is at an abrupt time for floods and sinking coasts, as the title states. However by the judgment of the Army Corps of Engineers, this with prevented further more damage. Without this decision that was made, there could have been disastrous floods in the Louisiana area, affecting the environment. However the water was loosed in the Morganza spillway into the Atchafalaya Basin, delaying a catastrophic flood into further more area, which has now been induced to spill to the gulf. In the course of this action, if we had not done it, I would have potentially, in abruptly 30 years, taken effect to the surrounding area, drastically changing the route of the Grand River itself. With these billion gallons of water rushes to find a substantial land to rest, this is a great deal of amount of silt borne by the Mississippi. While the water is helping replenishing the marshlands up and down the coast, we have the sediments subsiding the Louisiana coast, sinking into the Gulf of Mexico .With the loss of our fellow neighborhood homes in the region of placement, it was a wise and thoughtful decision to help prevent more damage, but takes a toll to these people losing their homes. Now this is where I come to state that the first Element of Geography is "Physical Systems," because of the Mississippi river, and we are having a great ordeal on the impact of the fluctuant water flow, showing that we have to live with knowing things like this can happen. My second reckoning of other Element of Geography cause to terms of how, us as humans had to take action and we had changed the land (for the best) in order of indefinite like, that is "Environmental and Society." This act of diversion help relived pressure, and increased water flows, but to a better area of achievement, protecting the public and maintaining the navigation. Now because of the Morganza spill, there is a rousing in natural water flow were water can now go over levee banks were is hasn't been in 40 years. But just because of the sediment build up means that we will have more coasts around the Southern Louisiana Coasts. So we shouldn't worry, as I refer in the article "not all is lost."



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