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Getting to Konw Yucheng

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Essay Preview: Getting to Konw Yucheng

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I would like to introduce YuCheng to every one of you, whose major is Applied Biostatistics and Epidemiology in USC. Although this is the first time for her to study in this special area, she has already learned plenty of knowledge about biological data analysis, clinical trials and researches through her whole undergraduate period. Especially, she has done many animal and medical experiments in WET lab, Taiwan. So she has confidence for herself conquering difficulties among the learning and researching process in order to obtain valid data form mass. If she hadn't chosen her current field for study, she is ambitious to become a medical technologist using specimen to do immunology, biochemistry and microbiology experiments. A year ago, YuCheng was a research assistant in National Taiwan U hospital, and she applied for the USC master program in her after-work time. As she has already been a member of Trojan Family, YuCheng is working hard to pursue her goal, making her skillful and ambitious for the future career. However, she has to miss something her really love, just like hanging out with her best friends. What's more, YuCheng also wants to improve her writing skill by the ALI writing course so that she can create a more academic papper.

In another year, she will be exactly the same position if she doesn't improve her english writing skills for correspondence. Therefore, she hopes learn about his mistakes so she no longer will take the same ones in Taiwan. Since she is going to be here in the USA for such a short time, there is little time that she miss Taiwan, but she does miss Taiwan's food, like noodles.



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