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Gil Junger Modernized Version of Shakespeare Play

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Essay Preview: Gil Junger Modernized Version of Shakespeare Play

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Gil Junger modernized version of Shakespeare play is a film to adapted to relate to young audiences, as the 1999 blockbuster ‘10 Things I hate about you’ is based on ‘The taming of the shrew; one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays. This film starts strong, young audiences will appreciate the action of the opening senses where is based in western literacy but it was made for modern teenagers.

 The chemistry between the two main characters is that there’s not much trust until the end. Both parties are unsure what they feel towards each other. Unlike in Romeo and Juliet there is no love at first sight, it was more like an overtime progress.

In the movie the theme is developed in a casual high school with your stereotypical groups, such as your cheerleaders, Jocks, Nerds, and Plastics. In this film they’re not in groups but by themselves when staring the movie, with groups around them. If you compare Bianca to ‘mean girls’ she would become a plastic as the popular pretty girl, Kat as the plain Feminist girl, Patrick as a bad boy, and Camron as the Nerd who always falls for the plastics, Bianca. But of cause you have to have the spoilt rich kid acting as Joey who get whatever he wants.

In the opening sense Kat is in the car waiting for the light when out of no – where the popular girls parked next to her. Later on in the beginng there were laughs and chuckles as Michel (Camron’s best and only friend) was  driving down the hill then gets up as if he wasn’t scared, although was terrified.

Camera Angels are used to demonstrate and communicate the adolescent journey in ’10 things I hate about you’.  Camera distance is used to show adolescences is an emotional time and the status to certain types of adolesents which are affective by how the camra views them. A prime example of this is when Kat attended the party and became drunk beginning to dance in the midst of the crowd on a table. In this sence the camera angels used depict kat was known as an inferior camra angel showing on for her own character perception and norm but also for the hooker type atituced she would have developed in doig that.

If they made the film more interesting at the beginng and put everyone on the edge of their seats, and put more interesting, funnier thing, it would have been perfect. But overall the film was exciting and repetitive. The sound elements and music on the audience complemented the themes and emotions of everyone watching, as it makes the reactions plus helps give you an idea as if you were there.

The reinforce option, say why teenagers would view the film as I would rate the movie a whopping four out of five stars, it would have been a five stars if inly there was more intense comedy and drama. Overall, it has been a great film and ……. Modern version of Shakespeare’s play. He would have been proud of this succuss.



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