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Global Theater 1596

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The Global Theater was found by a drawing in the year 1596 from a student who had just recently attended a play. His drawing was later passed on to a friend of his who was more known. These were the only form of existence we have found. Later on the years, William Shakespeare erected the Global Theater in 1598. It had been one of the four theaters, the Swan, the Rose, and the Hope. Those were the four theaters that had been around and producing plays. The theater was open; octagon shaped, had been three stories high and had a diameter of around 100 feet. It had a seating capacity of up to 3,000 audience members. The rectangular stage platform on which the plays were performed was nearly 43 feet wide and 28 feet deep. The stage probably had trap doors which could be used for certain plays. The Global Theater wasn't created till 1576 but in the year 1597, the lease had expired and Shakespeare lost the theater. One year later after the bank took over the theater, they had begun to take it apart and use the materials for better use. The theater in the year 1613 had burnt to the ground and left nothing of the theater and this event happened when a cannon was shot and caught the roof on fire. After the tragic event, the company began building another Global Theater and this theater lasted till 1642. This is why the Globe Theater is what it has been known to be.



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