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Global Warming Case Study

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Essay Preview: Global Warming Case Study

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The term '' global warming'' refers to the increases in earth's air and in our oceans. Since the mid of the twentieth century there has been a temperature increase and it has been steadily increasing year after year. It is predicted to increase even more in the future years. The increase in our global temperatures is causing many problems and changes. These changes are affecting our rise in sea levels and this is also brought on by weather events causes by global warming. These weather events are increased hurricanes and major flooding taking place. In addition to this, the pattern and amount of precipitation is affected by the total amount of global temperatures. The affects of global warming have been and remain harmful to our earth and atmosphere. In this paper I will discuss how global warming is affecting us and what can be done to stop it.

Green house gas emissions have contributed to global warming and in modern day is still a problem. Some examples of green house gases include methane.

According to, methane is a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2, even though there is 200 times more CO2 in the atmosphere. (Sceptical Science, 2012) Methane is a very potent and harmful to our atmosphere. According to the International Energy Agency, methane accounts for 16% of global greenhouse-gas emissions. (International Energy Agency, 2012) Livestock are also responsible for methane submission into the atmosphere, and is 23 times more warming than CO2 is.

Water vapor is the most powerful greenhouse gas there is and the most important. Some people find it very hard to believe that 95% of greenhouse gases are in fact water vapor. It all depends on the temperature the amounts of water vapor there is in our atmosphere. If there is extra heat in the atmosphere there will more water vapor, and vice versa if the temperate is low. Water vapor is indeed a gas, having a large amount of it in the air will make the temperatures rise even more.

According to the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center," The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased significantly over the past 200 years". (Carbon Dioxide Analysis Center, 2012) The largely increased amount could have very negative effects on all life on Earth. Carbon dioxide reaches the Earth from many sources but by far the biggest the burning of the fossil fuels. Besides burning fossil fuels, we have quite an impact from industrial sources such as iron and steel productions.

There are also natural sources of global warming. These natural sources include ocean emissions. Water pollution is the contamination of water in which harmful chemicals are submitted. We as humans are responsible for this problem and therefore need to find a way to fix it. Rain is formed from the water, so if there is contamination in our oceans, it affects the rain as well. When the polluted water rises into the atmosphere, it also can do damage to trees as well as human and animal life.

Natural global warming means that the overall temperature of the Earth is changing and this is becoming warmer than it has been before. The change in the temperate can of course



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