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Globalization Taking a Wrong Turn

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Essay Preview: Globalization Taking a Wrong Turn

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Is our economy headed in the right direction? Taking a second to stop and think about this question is something that we should all ask ourselves, since it's something that it's important. We must fully understand what globalization is and take that and put it into perspective of how it plays in our world today as a positive or negative thing. Globalization is simply the movement of goods among people all around the world. Globalization has been a hotly debated topic among a lot of people of whether it's good for our economy or not. The concept of globalization has been around for many decades, but seems to be taking a different path than it intended to. Globalization has been affecting this economy through its technology, less developed countries, environmental damage, and health issues.

First, technology is becoming a growing aspect to many people around the world. Everyday there is something new that is available to use for our daily lives that takes a touch by our fingers to our new technology device. Technology is spreading throughout the world day to day. With technology being nice to have at our finger tips at ready available times everywhere we go, we must think that those countries that don't have the technology like we have. For an example, from a speaker that visited the University of Idaho last fall, he talked about how going overseas, they are not able to have the technology that we have. He explained that many American's were going over to the Iraqi area putting in technology that many American's are able to use, while the others have no knowledge of technology and have no idea what to do or where to start. With globalization being very connected with technology to this day, it seems that its creating a collision with those that can't afford the technology that America has, along with not knowing how to operate it.

Secondly, with the globalization movement the global health is growing at a faster rate. With much of the climate change and the current economic issues around the world, it's affecting a majority of people that live in poor countries. Due to globalization, viruses and bacteria spread rapidly throughout the world causing a global health problem more than it has ever before. Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland gave a presentation at University of Idaho to get the importance of global health around the world and how it's a growing problem that we need to turn our attention to. The SARS outbreak is an important example to show how this is such an important issue that we need approach (Dr. Brundtland). She also stated that there is no such thing as foreign diseases anymore. There are ways that we can use globalization as the key to help fix things such as global health, but so far we are using them in the wrong way by not controlling them, n not coming together as one to stop the diseases that are spreading rapidly, and failure to address to other countries. In short, with



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