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Greening Their Supply Chain

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In recent years, more and more people refer to that green, environmental protection increasingly. From supply to sales, more company wants to add green as a company logo and feature.

*Greening their supply Chain

1) Green supply chain is the powerful weapons to reduce the cost of. On 2010, Dell will use bamboo to serve as a feedstock for computer packaging materials, instead of the original packaging of cardboard and plastic foam. Importantly, the bamboo packaging is lower cost of the material than before.

2) Obviously, green supply chain can protect the environment. Wal-mart is a typical example. In 2006, wal-mart in packaging operation come up with 5 R: Remove, Reduced, Reuse, Renewable, Recyclabl. By the end of 2007, wal-mart in the packing of saving 212600 cubic meters of paper.

3) Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is the largest dairy products manufacturer with the broadest product line in China.Yili group has completed the 220 solar water heating supply system, annual energy saving about 689.8 million KWH.

*Reducing Waste

1) Toyota's Technical Center develop a electronic process, which use less corrosion inhibitor to complete the same level of coating. Such creative thinking has helped their production and nonproduction facilities reduce waste.

2) In fact, the production process of wasted silicone material has many uses. In order to reduce the waste, IBM recently proposed a new method of green environmental protection that reuse the silicone materials while manufacturing process of computer chips.

3) NaFu is famous Chinese battery manufacturer, which is the first mercury-free environmental battery. The battery power is a common carbon-zinc batteries 6 times. Not only save costs, but also reduce pollution and avoid the waste of resources.

*Recycling Efforts

1) The Coca-Cola Company is committed to supporting recycling efforts, It adopts PlantBottle, PlantBottle plastic packaging is a 100% recyclable bottle.

2) Starbucks initially adopt the post-consumer recycled fiber (PCF) in 2006. Recently, Starbucks has recycling pilot in New York. The company is collecting paper cup in Manhattan stores, which can be recycled into paper towels and bath tissue.

3) Haier company, China's largest electrical appliances production enterprises. It established the Recovery System of old home appliance. Not only reduce the environment pollution, but also some resources still can be reused.

Obviously, Green supply Chain, Reducing Waste and Recycling Efforts is closely related. It can help the enterprise reduce the cost, establish a good image and benefit for environment.



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