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H Car Rental Case Study

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Essay Preview: H Car Rental Case Study

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Midterm Project

1. Narrative

H Car Rental is a company that serves people who want to rent automobiles for short periods with a fee. H Car Rental company offers four type of cars: economy, compact premium, premium and luxury. Generally, people who want to rent a car could book the car on the company’s official website. Customers can check and view available cars, register, and book the car. First, people could login his/her existing account to make a reservation if he/she is a registered customer. Otherwise, he/she need to create a new registration and supply his/her information, including a valid identification card, the type of car and the rental dates. After all the information are submitted, reception could review and update customer information into database and the reservation once it is made. Staff also need to edit and modify car details if there is a new renewal. Then the customer database would be sent to administration for rental reporting and insurance reporting. Finally, accounting department will send the bill to customer, insurance report and payment to insurance company, the tax report and payment to government. The online car rental system could simplify rental process and increase customer retention.

2. Context diagram

[pic 1]

Data Flow Diagram

[pic 2]

Document flowchart

[pic 3]

Business Process Diagram[pic 4]

3. Entity-relationship diagram

[pic 5]

4. Weakness

The online car rental system would lead to some security problems. Because of the need for exchanging personal information, such as identification card number, home address, phone number and credit or debit car information. Security breach would attract cyber criminals to steal these customers’ sensitive personal data.

5. Solution

to lower the risk of cyber criminals, the company should execute following policies:

  • Install firewalls and intrusion detection to protect the company’s computers
  • Back-up database regularly
  • Making restrict access to sensitive information



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