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Harley Davidson - Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct

Ricardo Rodrigo Ortiz

Argosy University

Code of Conduct

Harley Davidsonwas establish in 1903. The davidson brothers-William D, Walter and Arthur-and William S. Harley crafted their first motorcycle using the best tools they has available, mostly their hands and their ingenuity. Since that time Harley-Davidson has learned many valuable lessons on how to successfully operate business. We are focused not only on providing our customers with a quality product, but also an overall experience. Harley-Davidson statement is as follows"

"We fulfill dreams through the experiences of

Motorcycling, by providing to motorcyclists and to

General public on expanding line of motorcycles and branded

Products and services in selected market segments"

Harley-Davidson values are the basic rules by which we operate

"tell the truth

Be fair

Keep your promises

Respect the individual

Encourage intellectual curiosity"

We live in an era when public trust and confidence in business are among the lowest levels in history. We at Harley-Davidson company are fortunate, however, to work for one of the most admired business in the world. A reputation that has been enhanced and safeguarded over the years by a rich culture of integrity and ethical conduct.

Harley-Davidson is built on this trust and this reputation. It influences how consumers feel about our products, and how share owners perceive us an investment. Warren Buffett once reminded us"It takes years to build a reputation and only a few seconds to ruin it". Acting with integrity is about more than our company's image and reputation. It is about sustaining a place where we all are proud to work. This means acting honestly and treating each other and our customers, partners, suppliers and consumers fairly, and with dignity.

Integrity is fundamental to the Harley-Davidson company along with our other values of leadership, passion, accountability, collaboration, diversity and quality, it is a pillar of our manifesto for growth. Integrity for Harley-Davidson means doing what is right, we at Harley-Davidson want to do what is right, for ourselves and for the company. The code of business conduct will help guide us. The codes defines how employees should conduct themselves as representatives of the Harley Davidson Company. The codes addresses our responsibilities to the company, to each other, and to customers, suppliers, consumers and governments.

Code of Business Conduct

Managers at Harley-Davidson should at all times model appropriate conduct as a managers of Harley-Davidson, you should:

- Ensure that the people you supervise understands their responsibilities under the code.

- Take opportunities to discuss the code and reinforce the importance of ethics.

- Create an environment where employees feel comfortable.

- Always act to stop violations of the code or the law by those you supervise.

Who Must Follow the Code

The code of business conduct applies to all employees of the Harley-Davidson company and its majority-owned subsidiaries.

Employees are expected to comply with the code and all applicable government laws, rules and regulations. Because Harley-Davidson company is incorporated in the United States, our employees around the world often are subject to



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