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Harry Potter the Good or Bad Curse in Modern Reading

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Essay Preview: Harry Potter the Good or Bad Curse in Modern Reading

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Robert Atkins thoughts on censorship were that humans have a primal urge for the need to control and dominate one another. He goes on to write that this has been happening for thousands of years from the Greeks to the Romans and that censorship was mainly a way for the leadership to maintain control and order.

The author tells us that humans have a need to control and dominate he is correct. When it comes to censorship we here in America have it very good. We can play violent video games, watch SNL skits making fun of the president, create music with offensive lyrics and listen to it. Then we have the right to free speech Americans say whatever they want as long has it does not cause a threat you're good. If we go to some countries in the world they lack these things and a whole lot more. Media is usually government controlled along with most other important industries. In these countries women usually have little to no rights and are often abused and exploited. The choice of websites you can visit in those countries would once again be limited and determined by the leadership. This all leads me to agree with Mr. Atkins that censorship stems from humans wanting control over others.

Venus De Milo: This statue is immoral. Its original design was that of a bare breasted women holding up an apple. I do not think this is art instead it is pornography in its earliest form. The sculpture had nothing more in mind then getting a shock factor and to see a young lady naked. Venus De Milo would have been adorned in jewels, tinted and placed inside a man's gym for all to see. She (the statue) would have looked seductive and inviting arousing the curiosity of all who saw her. You need to ask yourself how is this art? Then once you decide it's not we will cover her up.

What Potter Stewart meant when he said "Censorship reflects a society's lack of confidence in itself. It is a hallmark of an authoritian regime was that by censoring a cultures works of art and freedom of speech you have no trust or faith in the thoughts or actions people might take or interput when looking at taboo material. Censorship is about control. This is most always done in countries with limited rights because an authoritarian regime is in charge meaning a group of leaders who have complete and utter control over the daily life and actions of its citizens.

To crude for refined readers: This is probably the best argument to have the book removed from schools. When you are obtaining an education you want material that is refined. If your material is coarse and has no real learning value other than a good story what are you really learning? A new swear word? Perhaps a new trick to pull on your family and friends?

Poor role models: Young minds are easily influenced. When you have these minds reading about characters doing bad things and admiring them for those qualities they will find trouble. These youth will think it is okay for them to do the things they read about while in school because at young ages they do not know right from wrong.

Racist terms: For this book alone the terms in here I do not deem racist. I also do not condone the use of these terms in any context however



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