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Hats off! Company Cash Budget

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Essay Preview: Hats off! Company Cash Budget

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Excutive Summary

Hats Off! Personal Assistants provides exceptional lifestyle management and superior personal service. If you are in need of a dependable and resourceful personal assistant, Hats Off! can help you. Our services include: Personal shopping: on-site consulting, household items; Travel planning: car rental, airline/hotel reservations, itineraries; Pet services: vet visits, walking feeding; Event planning: invitations, decorations, event follow up; House sitting: pick up mail, water plants; Gift shopping: client gifts, birthdays, anniversaries; Waiting services: deliveries, car repair; Scheduling: physicians, tee time, spa treatments; Errand services: grocery shopping, dry cleaning, pick up kids, miscellaneous; Home management: organize mail, email/voicemail follow up, schedule maintenance.

Hats Off! is an organization that supplies the need for personal assistance. The service provided is professional and able to service a community with large conglomerates, as well as individuals who lead a hectic lifestyle. Think of Hats Off! as your lifestyle manager. If you are a CEO in need of a well coiffed, well trained personal assistant to handle discrete matters, Hats Off! has your assistant. If you are a parent who has agreed to too many events and has overscheduled, Hats Off! personal assistants can assist with the juggling. Or even if you are a busy professional who's on the road to success, with little to no time to think, pay bills, pick up cleaning, etc., Hats Off! Personal Assistants can make things easier with scheduling and organizing your life away from work.

Along with our headquarters, a small office, located in Atlanta, Ga. we have satellite offices in major metropolitan areas such as Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. As a company, it is our goal to help manage the unmanageable. It is our intention to slow the rat race. For the individual, allow you to wonder what to do with your time now that all those little things have been taken care of. As a corporation, allow you to re-strategize and regain your competitive edge now that that lingering deal is done. Here at Hats Off! we understand the value of quality of life. We are aware that a little less stress means a little more peace. Behind our doors you will find that we abide by a strong work ethic that fosters loyalty, commitment, affability and sincerity. We encourage employee contribution. If a P.A. comes back from an assignment with suggestions on how to improve or an additional service to include, these ideas are heard and considered. The employees we hire, from the CEO to the Personal Assistants to the Receptionist all abide by the golden rule. We are all in agreement that providing exceptional customer service is our purpose. Our reputation depends on it.

Mission statement

At Hats Off! our main goal for is to provide quality service with integrity, and support programs that process added value to Hats Off and its employees. This will improve employee welfare, empowerment, growth and retention, and being committed to key business.

Human Resources Mission Statement

"In support of our company's principles, values, vision, and mission, it is the Human Resource's Mission to support the total operation in meeting its goals through its most valuable resource - it's PEOPLE.

It is our mission to:

* Develop an attitude of teamwork and quality in our day to day operations

* Create an atmosphere which fosters challenges, fun, safety, and cleanliness

* Seize opportunities which demonstrate excellent execution, caring attitude, and a sense of urgency

* Reduce waste by vigorously pursuing continuous improvement activities

* Commit to doing, to acting openly, equitably and consistently in our pursuit of uncompromising quality

* Increase participation in company and community activities while seeking knowledge, enthusiasm, and an improved quality of life for ourselves, co-workers, and the community

* Respect team member values which may be different from our own

* Accept



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