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He Confluence of Race and Gender in Women's Sexual Harassment Experiences" by Tara E. Kent

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Essay Preview: He Confluence of Race and Gender in Women's Sexual Harassment Experiences" by Tara E. Kent

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For the reading of Week 11 I decided to focus on Essay 9, "The confluence of Race and Gender in Women's sexual Harassment Experiences" by Tara E. Kent. This essay pretty much discusses the overall conceptualization of sexual harassment, specifically involving Women. It discusses different theories as to why different women are subjects to this form of abuse. It also goes into detail about many contributing factors as to why women of certain color as well as age and martial status are bigger targets of sexual harassments then others. We also learn about different theories of how men throughout the world view women of different ethnicities as well and why they are treated different throughout the workplace.

The essay talks about how Sexual Harassment is a huge issue in the workplace. We learn that this issue exists because men are seen as superior to women in the workplace, therefore making them much more powerful. The essay relates back to the idea that women are seen as passive and nurturing while men are seen as aggressive and dominant therefore making them the more powerful figure throughout the workplace. The reading also talks about how white women are less likely to be victims of sexual harassment then Hispanic, Black or Asian women. Supposedly since women of color are stereotyped in more negative manner than white women, these stereotypes result in women of color being more vulnerable to forms of sexual harassment.

An example from the text could be that Asian women are seen to be submissive as well as a "exotic sexpot" that will cater to the fantasies of every man. Images and perceptions of women of color lead to the dictation of the way that they are view and seen by men throughout society. Differences among women of different ethnicities result in frequent different variations of sexual harassment. This reading also expresses that a reason that Women of color may be more vulnerable to sexual harassment than white women would be because of economic factors and popular images and stereotypes of women of color. The essay suggests that some contributing factors to sexual harassment could be sexual as well as racial stereotypes.

Unfortunately I do agree with the fact that I think women of color definitely have a higher rate of being victims of sexual harassment over white women. I think that serotypes of colored women do affect the fact that they are seen as much more of a target with this type of violence. Its unfortunate that people let stereotypes actually have that much of an impact on a person, but that's the reality of the situation. I think that the idea that women are seen as nurturing and passive should not mean that Men should have the right to feel like they can dominant or harass women in the workplace. I disagree with the fact that Men have to be at the head of the working ladder in the workplace, especially in a modern day environment. I think that now-a-days women are becoming



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