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Sexual Harassment in the Army - the United States Army

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Essay Preview: Sexual Harassment in the Army - the United States Army

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The United States Army

The company I have selected for this project is United States Army. This organization is very important to me because it was my first full time employer and I have spent all of my adult life serving my country. All personnel in the Army are required to maintain high standards of honesty, integrity, loyalty, and morality to name a few values. We must all do our part to ensure proper performance and trust from the American people and our allies abroad. Sexual harassment violates these standards and the equal opportunity policy. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that any accusation or event of sexual harassment is handled by superiors with efficiency, speed, and effectiveness.

All complaints of sexual harassment that are substantiated will result in disciplinary action. The Armed Forces has a zero tolerance policy; however, instances of sexual harassment still happen. Sexual harassment is defined as any unwelcome sexual advance, request for sexual favors and other physical and verbal behavior of a sexual nature. This behavior includes gestures of a sexual nature, sexual jokes and comments in the work environment as well as the offering or influencing of the career and pay of another employee in exchange for such favors.

According to a recent survey released by the Pentagon, one third of women in the military and 8 percent of men said they were sexually harassed. After Tailhook, 27 women reported they were sexually assaulted; therefore, sexual harassment of military women has received significant attention. Studies documenting the widespread sexual harassment also indicate that few women use the complaint process for fear of reprisal or

The United States Army

lack of confidence in their superiors and the system. Many victims believe that reporting the incident will create more problems for them. The military does not facilitate a climate that condones sexual harassment or demeaning behavior toward its members.

The deontological consideration is not the best consideration in terms of sexual harassment because no thought is given to the consequences. Victims of sexual harassment could end of mentally scarred, the workplace and reputation of the organization suffers, and the work environment is less productive. This also creates a safety hazard and could endanger the lives of innocent people. For example, if you have an equipment operator who is depressed as a result of sexual harassment, they might be distracted from the job and could hurt themselves or others. The same consideration goes for a pilot or driver. Anyone who condones or does not report their knowledge of sexual harassment is considered guilty of the act as well.

The utilitarian consideration is the reason the Armed Forces enforces a zero tolerance policy. The policy is designed to keep the organization



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