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Health Care Industry

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Essay Preview: Health Care Industry

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Health Care Industry

Every year the health care industry changes drastically. There are many aspects of the health care industry that have changed from how medical data is kept to how medication is delivered. Technology has been one of the biggest changes in the health care industry thus far. The contents of this paper will elucidate how the health care has changed in the past ten years and how it will change within the next ten years. I will explain how my skills will be adapted to evolve along with the health care industry's needs and its impact. This paper will also describe the role of technology in the next ten years as well as financial and economical issues that will affect the health care industry in the future.

Health Care in the Last Ten Years

Health care has changed drastically in the past decade. People currently live on average ten years more than they did ten years ago. Remedial advances have caused many breakthroughs and enhancements in patient care. According to Leathard (2000), one of the major modifications to health care over the last ten years have been the development of technology. Developments of technology, such as computers, have made a major impact on health care in the present day. It has altered nearly every facet of the health care field, from the instruments utilized to the medications prescribed to the operations preformed. New and emerging technologies, such as drugs, devices, procedures, and imaging machinery have changed the delivery of care and the location where the care is provided. The expansion in ambulatory surgery has been influenced by advancements in anesthesia and by the growth of noninvasive techniques. Procedures that used to take a few weeks of recuperation now need only a few days. New drugs can treat or shorten the course of disease.



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