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Healthcare Industry

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Healthcare Industry

Everyone in society wants the most from health care. The healthcare industry is a multitude of organizations committed to deterrence, finding, treatment, and healing of medical conditions. In today's health care, change is constant, pervasive, and constant. Clear and critical understanding of evolution theory and the stages of change are essential for leaders to have an actual system to achieve the changes occurring in the world of health care. Health care administrators and managers must develop skills to launch resolutions to move forward with positive change. Facilities participating in change must understand that resistance is a common outcome of any adjustment set forth. An important skill a leader must possess is effectively to direct energy from the opposition and use it as an incentive to make the change required (Sullivan & Decker, 2005).

The United States must stabilize as itself as the country faces fundamental changes set into motion by the Obama Care Health Care. The bill will take place as we move closer to its implementation in 2014.

How has health care changed in the last 10 years?

In the last 10 years, health care has changed tremendously. One change is that nowadays older adults are living ten years longer in comparison to the past (Imperial NHS, 2011). Furthermore, citizens do not have to wait as long for treatments (Imperial NHS, 2011). Social networking has also become a powerful tool as a means of accessing healthcare. Individuals because of this tool, are now more parallel with each other in a positive way, all because of the upward rise in technology (Kevin MD, 2011, p. 1). Scores of individuals are able to stay in the comfort of his or she home as opposed to residing in nursing homes as in the past. They have caregivers to help them with services, such as bathing, dressing, cleaning, and cooking. Health care is improving in a good way, and many things could happen in 10 years from now.

What do you think will be the biggest change in health care in the next 10 years?

The key changes foreseen in the next 10 years for health care is how to reduce health care spending and health care cost so as not to disturb the delivery of health care services; along with promoting innovation, and effective treatment. The health care industry will also accept disputes with the execution of health care reform as well as integrating equipment into the delivery of health care. There will be challenges with security, privacy laws and regulations to protect patient health information. The health care industry with the advice of physicians and staff will face the task of influencing healthy lifestyle and support public health programs with prevention, intervention, education, and awareness.

What role do you plan to have in the industry?

My role in the health care industry is expected to be that of an administer. Some of the responsibilities fund to ensure patients gain valuable, quality health care services and to guarantee the operation conforms with state, local, and federal regulations. My job will consist of daily operations for the facility, and promoting accountability. I will inspire and empower my employees while focusing on the recovery of workplace friction and support teamwork; act as a liaison for staff members, board of directors, and department heads. My system also involves supervising the use of medical equipment, scrutinizing financial resources so as to ensure expenditures are reasonable and properly used. Furthermore, my job will consist of facility planning, budgets, approving operating cost, and managing financial reports.

How will you adapt your skills to evolve along with the industry's needs?

I can



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