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Hello There.

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I remember it all as if was yesterday, the day I almost ruined my father & I's relationship for good. I thought to myself somehow you better fix this because you were always taught that, the most important relationship a female can have is the one with her father. Let's bring it back, things were total chaos the night before. I remember walking in the door almost at 10:30 at night, on a school night. In my house that either meant you're okay (only if you didn't call to warn them that you were coming home late) or your ass is grass! In this case, my ass was grass. Because not only was I late, I was being dropped off by my boyfriend whom my parents have never known anything about. Now why was I with him, instead of coming after work like I usually do? Can't even answer that myself. As soon I walked into the door and my dad seen the unfamiliar car that belonged to my boyfriend all hell broke loose. He questioned me about where I was and who had dropped me off... of course I tried to lie. But my lies weren't cutting it; he knew there was more to the story. That there was. But being grown, and going off at the mouth this suddenly got ugly. Next thing I know my dad's hand was across my face and he was trying to knock some sense into me literary. I remember my sister and mother yelling "Get off of her" took at awhile of them tugging and pulling at his waist to get him off of me, but eventually they did. So taken back, I was still a little confused as to what just happened. A little flabbergasted still, but I could remember my dad saying he was going after my boyfriend. My heart stopped as I thought of all the possible things he could do to hurt my boyfriend. This was not going to be pretty. Trying to get him before he made it to the door, I was too late. I stood there at the door pacing back in forth wondering what was going to happen next.

I ran upstairs into my room, there were I passed by a mirror. In the mirror I stared at an unfamiliar face. This face was covered in blood, couldn't tell if it was coming from my mouth or nose. Swollen lips and eyes, and hand prints on my neck. Did my father do this to me? How could someone I love so much do this to me? I was so confused. I knew one thing though I never wanted to see that man again. I'm leaving that's what I told myself. I'm leaving and never coming back, they'll never have to worry about me again. So the next day I planned to never return home. The day started off as regular, I got dropped off at school.. but only this time I never went inside the school building. I took a detour. I called up a friend and told her I need her help, not really explain the situation but she knew I was in trouble just by the tone of my voice. She quickly came and got me, I told her what had happened the night before as I struggled because I became so choked up in my tears. I told her I was planning to run away & never come back. Of course being the good friend she is tried to talk me out of it, that didn't work,



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