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Herborist Promotion Strategies

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Essay Preview: Herborist Promotion Strategies

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The objectives of Herborist promotion are to increase the new Herborist product awareness, increase number of sales, draw customers, enhance product recognition and brand identity. Hopefully, promotions will also benefits consumers by providing needed information about Herborist value proposition. Since there are several major competitors and local players in the South Africa market, it is important to plan to have effective strategy especially for new player with limited budget.

Herborist promotion strategies will emphasize promotional strategies that reflect the lifestyle of its audience, unique value proposition and the range of media available. Herborist will also using pull strategies which mean focus on demand-driven strategy because we are target directly to the end user. Pull strategies will include free samples, public promotional events such as communities demo event, door-to-door sales, point-of-sale displays, Internet marketing campaigns and telemarketing campaigns. Media campaigns designed to associate the product with a public good such as Chinese herbal naturalism which will differentiate Herborist's product with existing skin care products from the competitors in the market.

There are several proposal taglines we can use for Herborist in South Africa:

* Beauty from harmony with nature

* Beautiful & Unique You

* Herborist, Herbal for Your Natural Beauty

* Feels Natural...

* Real Herbal, Real Beauty, and Real You...

Media Plan

Above the Line

TV, Radio, Newspaper & Magazine : Herborist will focus on the State broadcasting channel with SABC1, SABC2 and SABC3. SABC1 has the highest viewership, at 70.6% of the adult population followed by SABC2 with 60%, with 57.1%, SABC3 with 47.6%.For other media, Herborist will work together with Media24 that has The Daily Sun, The paper has a daily circulation of over 500 000 and readership of 7.7-million, while Media24's other dailies have a circulation of over 800 000. For magazines, Media24 Magazines publishes more than 60 titles selling more than 5.9-million magazines a month that are read by more than 8.7-million people.

Banner, Billboard & Brochure : A high quality multi-folded brochure is to be promoted and distributed to all spa centers, stores, salon and malls. The placement of billboard will also crucial and important. We will place the billboard in the strategic locations which has high traffic of potential customer. The billboard & banner will distinct with other using bright white with light green color to resemble natural healthy and using English tagline to give high end product.




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