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Holocaust - Loss of Innocence

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Essay Preview: Holocaust - Loss of Innocence

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Loss of Innocence

People of the twenty first century don't know what it is like to live through the horrors of hell. Many people always complain about the things that they have, the people that they live with, and the clothes that they wear. Appreciate the little things in life that you have because someday you wont have your family or your precious possessions. Just like what happened to those 11 million people that died in the Holocaust. You dont know what it is to starve to death, worked to death or what it's like to get separated from your family. Be happy with the people and things that you're surrounded by. Just like in the book Night, Elie Wiesel the author wrote how and what it was like to live through the Holocaust. The Holocaust should always be remember so that nobody can change the future of what happened. We need to commemorate the survivors of this awful event. Although people like the ones from the Institute of Historical review, said that the Holocaust was a hoax and that it never happened. Mel Mermelstein another Holocaust survivor sued them for this. The Holocaust may have happened a long time ago, we still need to remember it because it shaped the world that we live in today.

The Holocaust may have happened a long time ago but it is an event that should always be remembered no matter what. The thing is that if Hitler would have been successful in all of his attacks. The world now would be like how it was in 1939-1945. It Greatly changed and impacted the way we live today. We have freedom, something that the jewish people did not have. The Holocaust should always stay with us so that we can commemorate the lives of the survivors. We have to listen to what they have say in order to keep peace in this world. If we listen to warnings before something happens then we can prevent it. The survivors from this tragic event don't just write books to entertain us, they write them so that we can make a change in this world. So that we dont suffer like how they did.

Institute of Historical Review stated that the holocaust was a hoax and that it never happened. A brave Mel Mermelstein stood up to them and fought them in court. Mel would always get attacked with hurtful letters from the IHR. Until one day he decided to stop them and put an end to this. He Legally fought them in the court of Los angeles and won the case. He was a personal eye witness of this event. People like the IHR have nothing better to do than say things that are not true. Not only did Mel win the case but he also demanded a personal letter stating that they were apologizing for doing what they did. Mel Mermelstein has a trailer filled with objects from auschwitz and other camps like Buchenwald. They were very heart touching filled my eyes with tears. I personally couldn't imagine what him and Ellie went through. Both were strong people who managed to put up with this.



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