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Hong Kong Airport

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1. The Most Significant about this Video

It was the way they managed and completed this complicated project in less than 7 years with all the challenges they faced throughout the project cycle. They gathered teams to execute different type of functions; creating lands on the sea floor, constructing new high ways, tunnels and bridges while managing traffic.

Such tasks cannot be managed by ordinary managers; extraordinary managers who can take the lead, assign teams and coordinate tasks between all stakeholders must have been assigned to mange this project.

2. The 5 Most Important Ideas of the Video

The first idea was to find a location for the airport; they had to create enough level ground for it on the sea. Two small islands were adjusted and connected not only by using the demolished mountains and rocks from top of the islands, but also layers of soft mud and stable rocks from the ocean floor were used as a foundation.

The second idea was to find a way downtown across Victoria Harbor. A huge underwater tunnel was built; wide enough to have 6 lines and long enough to expand 1 mile underwater crossing.

The third idea was building the two massive bridges; long enough to span the waterways and high enough to allow gigantic ships to sail underneath. In addition, to withstand one of the most destructive forces on earth; typhoons, they built a lower bridge so that the upper for cars and vehicles and the lower as rail way.

The fourth idea was building two high ways; from the tunnel to the bridge and from the bridge to the airport. They built an on-air-highway for the first one, and they had to extend the coast for the other one because of the rocky sleep hill along that coast.

The fifth important idea was building the actual airport on an almost man created island with providing it with ultra high speed rail line; airport express that took 20 minutes trip from station to airport. Not to mention, building the world's largest single terminal.

3. How these Ideas Relate to this Class

The execution of these ideas went through many phases that most of which were discussed in class. In fact, theses ideas, and many others, were executed as interdependent infrastructure development projects that were under one program; construction of a new airport for Hong Kong. This program had a duration; 7 years, as well as budget; $20 billion and of course scope (Bechtel).

The video showed that for each of these projects; project teams planned the activities, executing them carefully, some were simulated like the suspension bridges, monitor the progress, discussing the project progress with stakeholders and trying to address any potential problem, like when they needed one more year after handing over Hong Kong to Brittan with sponsor or even future sponsor, even addressing



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