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How Are Teenagers Represented in Hunger Games and the Amazing Spider Man?

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Essay Preview: How Are Teenagers Represented in Hunger Games and the Amazing Spider Man?

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How are Teenagers represented in Hunger games and the amazing spider man?

In Hunger games Katniss is represented as strong and courageous but she is not envisaged to command over adults unlike the other teens one example of the other teens is the reaping at the start of the film; this shows how teens command to whatever adults say and how they don’t rebel like Peeta for example. But Katniss however is portrayed to be rebellious and brave as she volunteers as tribute for her innocent sister Primrose whom is very weak and young. Katniss is basically the binary opposite to a stereotypical teenage girl which is portrayed to be caring only about them self and obsessed with their looks/appearance. However Peter in fact is non rebellious but does know right from wrong this is shown when he protects the nerdy kid from flash the directors have purposely added this to make the viewer think how unique peter is and how he is abnormal to the other teenagers whom encourage Flash to hurt the boy this shows how average high schoolers are compared to peter.

Gwen Stacey in the film shows she is not scared of Eugene as she approaches him (at this point the viewer deconstructs Eugene is the main antagonist) in a zealous way this shows her determination to stop Eugene picking on people. Also when she talks about his homework in a diegetic way she mentions she was disappointed with him this may indicate she is smart and tutors him this also indicates he is dumb and not very smart all this is done in a two shot to show how bigger Eugene is but yet he still gives in to Gwen. Her clothes in the scene shows she may be a strong, independent young woman since her miss en scene suggests she is trying to look respectable and not a slutty stereotypical teenage girl furthermore her clothes suggest she is on the same social level as a teacher this to be respectable. She also makes Eugene feel small and insignificant as she is being stereotypical to stop peter getting picked on also this may show how boys do what their told by attractive strong women such as Gwen therefor the viewer may conclude that Flash has a crush/fancies Gwen since she is a strong independent woman this also show the respect these type of woman get and how their looked upon in teenage and the public society. Her blonde hair shows how insecure she is an innocent another example is her ponytail since only young girls have their hair like that. This makes her look girlish and young. The Michael Brake theory of how there of two types of teens plays apart into this since Gwen is clearly the Kind, Good teen whereas Katniss is the rebellious and arrogant type of teen.

The comparison between Katniss and Peter are Peter is good and smart under pressure in front of the dominant adults, since doctor Connors speaks about how to grow back body parts peter then impresses him by answering a clearly hard question since he has been put on the spot to attempt to stand out; but Katniss is put under pressure by Seneca as she is in front of the audience and misses a bow show she is clearly surprised as she is used to making the shot. This shows how teens are put under pressure by adults and often fail. Peter later mocks flash after he gets his powers at the basketball court the non-diagetic sound of goofy funny music is played as soon as he gets the ball is there to make the audience see the humours side of the situation rather than look at it in a way that peter is being destructive and mean to flash so the directors want you to be on peters side. Peter then teases flash like a pet (dog) this shows how peter resembles flash to himself as he feels he is more superior to flash says ‘why don’t you take it from me’ this shows peters mentality to embarrass flash and show him up in front of his friends although his indentations may be reasonable he is still targeting flash in a way that could offend him. Two side shot when they square off at the centre of the court shows the difference between the two boys flash in sporty clothes and peter in a jacked and skinny jeans this shot clearly shows the boldness of flash as he walks towards peter in an aggressive way whereas peter stands his ground. The fact flashes friends shout ‘come on flash, take it man’ this shows how flash is always tormented into being ruthless by his friends and shows the reader his friends are all followers towards flash but flash is too proud of his reputation to stand up against his friends this shows the pressure



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