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How Does Charles Darwin's Theory Challenged the Existing Beliefs

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Essay Preview: How Does Charles Darwin's Theory Challenged the Existing Beliefs

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How does Charles Darwin's theory challenged the existing beliefs

Charles Darwin was a very great and intelligent man who had a lot of theory. However, people at that time could not accept these unique thoughts, not only because it's uniqueness but also it had greatly challenged the existing beliefs in many ways. . It challenged the science, religion and changes in society at that time. This change not only influences society at that time, but also the world from that time until now. People use Darwin's theory to argue, to make it an excuse of Racism and the most horrible is triggered many war.

The setting and the time in Darwin plays a very important role. Darwin was born on 12 February 1809 in Shrewsbury at a wealthy family. People were very traditional at that time. People lived in hard conditions. Darwin was very intelligent. He had many thought and then he found ways to prove it this is due to his wealthy family. Darwin is highly educated in medical and so on. He observed animals and other species, to make his theory completed and accurate. He traveled to many places to see if his theory works in every place instead of only one area. Darwin is very famous about one of his theories called evolution. He suffers through illness during most of his life. He had a daughter but she was dead. He was afraid that his illness will hereditary. Darwin was devoted to Christianity and yet he defines these theories which were completely opposite to the bible. This was one of the confusion. Darwin's wife always persuades him to reconsider about his theory. However he was still very certain about his work.

At that time science wasn't that well. It was very hard to prove whether the existing is truth. It is very hard to change people's thought back then. People had lived for a long time of knowing that knowledge. It is hard for them to give up what they had believed for century and believe Darwin's theory. There's no time for the people to think about the theories. People lived in a busy condition. It is also very hard for them to care about this stuff when they need t worry about their work and had no time. They didn't have machine to record the discovery. It's hard to spread their discovery out. Back then there were not many resources discovered. It's hard to find every thing for their experiment. To travel takes a long time. People might even die during the voyage. To write a book and publish it also takes more time, maybe when it is published the theory is already be prove to be false. It also changes people's view toward science. People that time discover human fossil, this supported Darwin's theory of the evolvement of human. even though there is evident people that time still doesn't believe that human came from apes they think that it is very pathetic. Most of the existing beliefs come from bible which means that most of the knowledge comes from God. People were very religious. This is the way for them to stress out. They had to have something to rely on. Darwin's thought was completely opposite to the bible, it makes the beliefs more unacceptable. The theory of nature selection was against the bible. Nature selection stated that the death of animals is circulating. First born, then the strong one survive, they have to fight through



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