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How Does the Brand Seem to Be Doing in This Market

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Essay Preview: How Does the Brand Seem to Be Doing in This Market

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This perceptual map illustrates brands and products position in consumers's mind. Consumers see the offering of Adidas and Nike as being very similar. Therefore, two brands are stiff competitors because of occupying the same place. As a map Adidas seems more affordable than Nike and around share the similar quality. Adidas has many different attributes which help to position in mind of the customer such sporting events, sponsorship agreement, co-branding and endorsement.

Traditional advertised at sporting events and being sponsorship of teams in global events is one of the main Adidas promoting strategy that help to spread brand identity to international market and increase effectiveness in marketing communication because as Adidas is a global brand, sports sponsorship could use to be successful in competition-based positioning. Conversely, using just these kinds of events strengthened the brand value in the consumer's mind but did not make much contribution to attract consumers when event was end (Hartline, 2005).

Therefore, Adidas changed the marketing strategy and focus on more digital media integrating sporting events and campaigns together because Adidas has recognised digital media reaches more people in short term even in different environment. For instance, in 2006, Adidas started "global mobile initiative for World Cup" because mobile marketing is the main element to make loyalty by providing some valuable features to consumers on the WAP portal as a free and also being advertised on Yahoo and partnership with T mobile were strategic plan of Adidas (EBSCO, 2006).

he brand in hand concept is the marketing communication that delivers to the people in their hand even when they are shopping, working, watching sport event or doing chore (Sultan and Rohm 2005). The unique value of mobile marketing is that it enables brand-consumer interactivity, location specificity and personalization, which cannot be achieved with other traditional approaches (see figure3). The significance is that mobile marketing can make a company's vertical integration (value chain from supplier to end customer) work faster than direct targeting by blurring traditional boundaries between suppliers, manufactures and customers in the value chain (Svend Hollensen,2004).



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