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How Has Globalization Impact Education

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Globalization has enable countries of all over the world to connect together. This has led to an increase in education in some countries and cause decrease in others. Reason being that some people do not finds it necessary to go to school but instead trade with weapons of pain as a new means of getting what they want while there are others who deem it as necessary to get a proper education by surfing the net to find there homework topic etc. and also to connect with friends to solve a problem. As my Grand always say 2 head better than 1.

Globalization has also cause negative ructions in persons life as well as there are positive.In Jamaica many things have been developed and many small industry have been annihilated. This is because when multinational companys set up business in an area of close proximuty to small industry their customers will accept the lower prices in an hand open wide and cause these infant industroes to close their doors.

A question that is ask by many is why are governments encourage others to set up small businesses and then they are taking in multinational companies. the answer is that because government can't supply all the wants of its citizens they have to take this road and many multinational companys if not all will set up their businesses in areas where the expecxt it to give them a profit. The main aim of these companies is to make a profit snot to fulfill or satisfy the citizen's needs.

It has impacted both pro and con but in my perspective there a numerous of cons than pros. The nation is floated with technology and thus many task become easier



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