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How to Protect Your Global Resources

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The importance of global resources

A long time ago, there were a lot of resources on our global, but we did not manage, use and protect that right away so our global resources are being depleted. The world has to face serious threats from our global resources scarcer. Have we asked ourselves that do we know about the importance of global resources? And how affect to our life of global resources is? Our scientific try to explain to everyone in the world understand that we wasted our resources and made it exhausted. They are also show us that human existence is face to danger of disorder and destruction. We will see importance of global resources and affect to human life according: "Global Resources" of Gale Group, Inc., "Peak oil, resources depletion, global warming, financial stress and future world food and feed production" of R a Leng. "Global Resources Analysis 2008" of Coastal Communities Network.

First thing, we will analyses the book "Global Resources" of Gale Group, Inc., and there are four chapters in the book. 1/ chapter 1: Are global resources being depleted? 2/ chapter 2: What agricultural policies should be pursued? 3/ what energy sources should be pursued? 4/ chapter 4: How can global resources are protected? We may confuse why is the book divide four chapter separate? Because author of the book want to analyses them clearly and help us understand importance of global resources. We realized that author of this book collected much information and analysis from different authors to help people can feel each author opinion. Some of author in the book try to show and explain to reader that why global resource being depleted is. Because they can realize that there are many countries in the world try to make a war to dispossess resources which belong the other countries, and these countries knew that if they have those resources, they can develop their industry so quickly and some valuable resources as: oil, titanium, sapphire, diamond, gold, will bring riches for them. By these things, human try to exploit unlimited and make resources on...



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