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How to Troll

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Essay Preview: How to Troll

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When trolling it is necessary to either make sure you are trolling someone you know, or that the strangers you are trolling cannot find out who you are. The internet is the most popular place to troll as you can assume any identity and broadcast to many people without fear of embarrassment. However the internet isn't necessarily the best place to troll as people already take what is on the internet with a grain of salt. There is a totally different effect of reading on the internet that say "Aliens abducted Sarah Palin than having someone tell you that to your face." If you are a troll then remember, always have an excuse for strangers and proof for friends. If you troll someone and they become very offended then you need an excuse. This may be either to avoid getting yelled at, or even avoiding jail. When trolling friends, you want proof so that you and only you may take the credit for your trolling. If you are an anti-troll, then just ignore the trolling. Fact: when someone is trolling and no one pays any attention, they stop. When someone is trolling and people get mad or annoyed and start flaming, they troll even harder. But for those people who want to be trolls, the most important thing is to not do a bunch of little trolls and get a reputation. You want to work up to a giant troll and then just surprise everyone. Trolling is like conning someone. If you have a reputation of being a crook they won't trust you. It's the same as being a troll. Now, time is short for me but I hope you make good use of the knowledge provided to you.

-A Troll



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