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Like water without fish author of some of the words:

Flowers, there period. For your love, is already some undeliverable mind. But I rejoice in your fragile life, I came. That period of mild to life, that period tapestry busy day, because of love, already regrets.

Flowers day, I would like to, quietly talking about your name, remember those who have gone the beautiful and enchanting, the ever tempting picture engraved down, put a bloom eternally inserted in the garden of my heart inside lining inserted deep in mind.

Verge flowers, already eternal. When spring comes, the flowers will certainly remember, cherish it a spring, when Xie Mo to be spent, empty melancholy. So, enough.

Life is also a process to blossom. When the flowers, we carefully cherish; when the flowers, we readily accept. As love, friendship as simply naive is true. When accompanied by flowers everywhere, just gorgeous scenery. Xie spent flying togetherness only when, and only the most cherished, it is worth moving.

Whispering, deep and shallow, loved traces, or heavy, or shallow, already unimportant. Importantly, when the bustling scenery later, we still own, there is always a sparkling crystal heart. Pain, can not afford to support the old smile, only, and waved goodbye to pain, so sad non-stop through that extraordinary day in order to live out the most graceful wonderful.

Some bitter, need their own taste slowly; some pain, so you need the courage to swallow. Flowers in a cool earth, I finally learned, do not force things, timely to let go, even if others do not agree with, I still have to adhere to self, clear and above-board, with a clean and transparent crystal heart, love yourself.

The petals fall sky busy, I just remember, there is a touch of strong spring, once safely stands in my mind. When the flowers, I never too barren, never too cold at only falling lightly in the heart of a pickup, waiting for the coming year, flowers and open



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