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Essay Preview: Humalithugot

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  • Love brings temporal joy yet brings eternal pain.
  • The hole that you’ve created in my heart is deeper than any ocean.
  • Lover we were once, stranger we became to be.
  • Para kang ulan, andyan ka na lang bigla. Pero kung kelan nasanay na ko sa’yo, bigla kang mawawala.
  • Yung pagmamahal ko sa kanya, para lang akong sumusuntok ng pader. Gusto ko siya ang masaktan at makaramdam pero ako pa din yung mas nasasaktan.
  • I would forever regret the day I saw my love walk away, without telling him all of my feelings. I could've kept him at bay.


  • To hold you is poison, but to have trusted you is a mistake.
  • Hope was crushed, burned and tormented, what was left was nothing but the haunting sound of night.
  • Goodbye to the blooming flowers and hello to the withering trees.
  • You know what bothers me about common sense? It’s been tried and tested to produce the better choice, but there’s no guarantee about it being the right choice.
  • 1 plus 1 would never be equal to me and you.


  • You make me feel like it’s only you and me in the world
  • I smell the fragrance of spring, see the different colored flowers sway and feel the hope that accompanies the rebirth of spring after winter.
  • Perhaps it’s love that makes lemons as sweet as honey.
  •  I scream, I shout, I pour my lungs out, the sun is finally up.


  • I walk in a dark, lonely, cold  road, feeling the winter wind tug my hair, no other footsteps but mine, no other sound than my breath, no other sight than the snow covered road on that one winter night.
  • Despair opens up the gates of my emotions, nothing else, no nothing else but the sound of fear and isolation.
  • I may be a damsel and I may be in distress, but I don't need a prince charming to save me from this mess.
  • No one is with me but my shadow.
  • Staring blankly on this white wall, and all I see is nothing.


  • As a hunter craves its prey, heaven forbids I might misbehave.
  • In the scorching heat of summer, you and I can make an explosion.
  • As how the leaves yearn for sunlight’s touch, my body hungers more of you.
  • I need you like the sky needs the sun, like the tree needs the air.



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