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Hunters in the Snow

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"Hunters in the Snow" is a short story about three men that go on a hunting trip but soon turns to acting no better than animals.

Why did Frank shoot the dog? How does the setting effect the story? If you had the same encounter with the dog would you have done the same thing or something different?

While reading the story "Hunters in the Snow," I soon began to really enjoy this selection. On the other hand, as I got to the scene of the dog, I began to question his decision of why he would kill the dog just because of his barking. I later found out that he was very old and would have died soon. This made me remember when my dog had died back in November, she was also very old. If I had come upon that same dog and I was in the shoes of Kenny, I would have left the dog alone. Just like Tub said, "What did he ever do to you?" I agree with Tub, he was just barking he wasn't hurting anybody. Along with this scene, the setting effects the story. If the setting would have been in New York, the odds of having a dog barking at you is unlikely. If the setting wouldn't have been in the woods, Kenny wouldn't have shot the dog leading to the shooting of Kenny. When Frank confessed to his love affair with the Fifteen year old girl that came to a surprise. This scene also reminded me of the affair that happened three years ago with the preacher and the thirteen year old girl in Auburn, Ky. Coming to the end of the story Tobias Wolff quoted that they had taken a different turn a long way back. I interpreted this by symbolizing the wrong turn was Tub and Kenny acted out like animals.



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