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I Am from Ukraine

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Hello everyone. I want to say thank you for this great opportunity to be here today. My name is Yuliia. I am from Ukraine. This is the biggest country of Europe. Today I would tell you about in what I believe. I am Ukrainian Orthodox church. I believe in God. As a lot of Ukrainians I go to church on big holidays and always pray with my family.

A long time our religion was not allowed and we kept our religion in big secret. We couldn't believe in anything instead of Soviet Union. But parents taught children to hope and believe. So, that is why I believe in people.

I am sure we meet people not accidentally. God sends them to us at that time when we need help. If you help someone it will necessary turn back. That is why when I have opportunity I always try to help anyone who need this because I know that in one day I also will need help.

I think that people are a peace of God. Everyone can have bad times and it doesn't mean that this is bad, poor or lazy person. That means that in this minute this person needs your help. And if you help people you will help God.

It is belief of my parents and their parents. And in this way they kept their religion in hurts in spite of the all prohibition

I believe in everyone of you and hope that you also will help people when they need that.

Have a good time all day today and all next week.

Thank you!



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