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I Aspire

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The reason I would like to become a Detention Officer is very simple. My mother spent thirty years in corrections and rose from the ranks of Corrections Officer to Lieutenant then she retired. During this time I was still in High School. I saw the joy and the gratitude she got from her job and I wanted the same for myself. By the time she retired she was the head of training at her facility. I have spent twenty years in the military and I have achieved a host of things in my career. The first nine years I was a Submarine Torpedo man being selected from the top 10% of the United States Navy. During that time I qualified everything possible in my career field including outside qualification like Brig Chasers. I began my love of weaponry and became a small arms instructor. I would later become a weapons specialist. I was given the opportunity to get into Law Enforcement after my ninth year and became a Military Police officer. I started out with being a gate guard wearing the uniform and learning my trade. I discovered that I really enjoyed my new job. Soon after I decided to expand on my knowledge and qualified as a patrolman. Through the years I furthered my career by becoming nominated to Field Training Officer. I taught small arms and engagement tactics to the new patrolmen. I was nominated to attend Marine Corp Cadre School and learn training techniques. During my range time with the Corp I was asked if I would be interested in attending Snipers covert insertion school if there was an opening. I accepted and was taught not only how to deploy my weapon but how to train others in shooting long distance. I returned to being a Military Policeman and qualified and stood Desk Lieutenant. I classified organized and identified incoming calls and assisted dispatch. I was in charge of civilian payroll for my shift. I went on to becoming part of the fast boat crew the Harbor crew and we conducted small boat coastal interdictions. After that tour of duty I took on more schools one of which was personal protection. My first Presidential Detail was for President Clinton in Honolulu Hawaii. My Second Presidential detail was with President Bush in Naval Air Station Little Creek Virginia. I was relocated Wallops Island Virginia NASA test flight facility. Here I was in charge of the security department. I was in the training department at first teaching small arms as their Range safety officer. I also was the base security analyst. My responsibility was to ensure all tree lines fence lines were within specific specification. I was responsible for all security lighting. The Army and the Navy began a program of integrating. The Army would use Navy personnel to be augmented and fill in the gap overseas in Kuwait. I volunteered to go overseas an help out. Prior to leaving I was sent to Army transportation school where I learned how to run and drive in high speed Convoys along with other Navy personnel. Our mission here was to move



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