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I Do like the Books

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I do like the books because i think Suzanne has written them reasonably well and does have some creative ideas, ending each chapter with something that surprises you. I enjoyed reading them however i don't absolutely love them because i have to admit they are simply written, not all ideas seem completely original and there are points in the book i just skip because they're not all that interesting. Some parts i feel should give more impact, like when certain characters we should care about die but when it happens it's written very quickly and i don't end up feeling anything. I don't feel like we are able to relate to any of the characters much at all- i only found Peeta the most interesting but the rest not much and that's what i find is missing. i really enjoyed the movie remake and overall the books are good but not the best.I don't consider myself a good student; I've become quite apathetic and lazy when it comes to school. My grades aren't terrible (between A and B I think), but I'm not hardworking and I procrastinate like mad. To me, there is a difference between being intelligent and being hardworking. I'm able to learn things fast and remember things well, but when it comes to do homework (pointless systematic drivel most of the time, it seems), I procrastinate or don't do it at all.

When I was in china, I did not think my high school already prepared me for college. Throughout high school, I working my hardest and hoping that my hard work will pay off by being offered more scholarships and being accepted into a prestigious college. But I was taught what I needed to know in order to attend college. However, most Chinese high schools do not prepare you for the academic lifestyle change. For instance, students have more freedom in college; there is nobody there to force you to go to class. Also, more is expected from the student. For example, in high school you are in a class setting about 30 hours a week and study maybe five hours a week (if you are a good student), and I get few hours on my hobby (hardly any hour). However, in college you are in class for about 12 to 15 hours a week and study 25 to 35 (whether or not you are a good student), and I get los of time to do what I want.

Last semester is my first semester in Western Kentucky University, I think I did well on my first semester, grades are well, and attendance is well. In the beginning of this semester I start to go to gym to build up my body, more sports help me more concentrate on my study. I think go to gym is the way I deal with my daily press, and I will do the same on my next semester.



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