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Ideas Are Tools

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Ideas are Tools

People have their own ideas, their own believes. For that reason people are a little scared and are very negative to new ideas. In these reading we learn that is not good to be closed minded, and also we shouldn't stick to one idea .Also that new ideas can be very beneficial to you, because in the future will help you so don't reject them .For the reason ideas are like tools, there are a lot of different ones, but every single one of them is designed to do a specific job.

People are scared to new things, even I. When I was younger I use to think I was right, and my parents don't know anything. They used to tell me study, and get a career. Is not going to be for us, everything will be for you, for you own benefit .Back them I didn't think that the idea to get a career was important, in my mind I just want to graduate get a job .I thought that was all I needed. I was wrong; I got a family now, and no career. So I realize that I need to get a career ,so I can give my kids a better life, and also I can feel good with myself .

That's what this reading tells you, that sometimes those ideas won't look good to you now, but later on in the future you will use them, and can be very beneficial. An example to that is before I used to want to get out my house and leave on my own , my own way .Every time my parents use to tell me to move in together I will always refuse. They had the idea if we live together we could help each other , but I thought I was fine on my own .Now I realize that is a good idea to live together ,because they can help me with my kids, and I can help them in other things that they may need. As you can see that idea was out my mind, because I thought that I will never need it, and now I do.

So as you can see is a lot ideas out there, that you may use them, or not. In these book are a lot of ideas, use them, experiment with them .But if they don't work for you, don't throw them away save them. Because in the future maybe they will be very helpful



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