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Immigration and the American Family

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Essay Preview: Immigration and the American Family

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Immigration and the American Family

 Immigration and the American Family on the families as they really are a book by Risman and Rutter depict the commitment of American to family values. It is certain that the families whether the whites, middle class or heteronormative deserve to be defended and cherished. Failure to embrace the families led to the separation of enslaved immigrants and motivated the diatribes against migrants.    The persistence belief that the migrant cannot provide selfless love as idealized in the American families has led to the separation of parents with their children of immigrant families. The immigration history of America reminds of the country’s restriction on the admission of the culturally and racially immigrants despite the abolition of such limit.

 The stories of American families are oftenly narrated in a way to fit the predetermined theme. The chapter on immigration and American families is tailored in a way that portrays ability of American to accommodate the immigrants but in the real sense, there is the essence of separation of the native families and the immigrants. The attention given to American families as opposed to the immigrants portrays the kind of attention race, class, gender and sexuality shape and challenges the family concerns in a balanced and thoughtful way. The chapter of immigration and American families presents an influential well-written work that provides the situation in the grassroots as opposed to controversies surrounding the issues of families that are often reported.  The chapter offers the opportunity to perceive the correct manner in which the American families and the immigrants get treated thus influencing the communal conversation about families.



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