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Indigo Byrdsong

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Indigo Byrdsong

Principles of Management

Professor: Keiron Hylton

June 9th 2013

* Review the "Action Learning" exercise on page 319 of the text and complete questions 1 through 5

* Post your work to the "Ooops!" discussion board between Monday and Sunday 11:59 p.m. ET

* 5 points

1.) What assumptions did you make in this case? How did they influence your response?

I made the assumption that my cellphone would no die, I made the assumption that if I didn't write down the meeting I scheduled in the hallway I would remember, knowing I have been overloaded with work this week this making me miss the meeting and I may have disappointed the customers and put my marketing director in a uncomfortable situation.

2.) What were your priorities in this situation? How did they influence your actions?

My priorities in this situation was getting somewhere and taking a break, instead of realizing what was really important. In the corporate world it is never good to have a uncharged phone, my phone should have been charged or I would have been able to make the meeting appointment I scheduled yesterday.

3.) Whom did you contact first? How and why?

I would contact my boss and the marketing director first because although family events are important it could be made up at another time, and because my boss values customer service it is a chance i could get some sort of disciplinary action done after this. It would be better to call, and if I didn't get a answer I would leave a voicemail and send over an email just incase when I called it was already too late and then I would schedule a face to face meeting with boss the boss and marketing director first thing in the morning.

4.) How did you communicate with each party? Why did you choose that way?

I would contact my boss and my marketing director via phone first, and if I didn't get in touch with them send an email and then schedule a face to face meeting first thing in the morning to ask how did the meeting go and if it was a chance we needed to reschedule I would contact the customers via phone apologizing and asking for a new appointment. As far as my family goes I would sit them all down at dinner and explain the world of working in a corporate office and let them know that I do love them, and I will get better at balancing out work and family time.

5.) What practical lessons about communication did you learn from this exercise? Explain.




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