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Info Edge India Company Company Overview

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Essay Preview: Info Edge India Company Company Overview

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Company Overview:-

Info Edge (India) Private Limited was incorporated on May 1, 1995 and converted into a Public Limited on April 27, 2006.

Company's Vision:-

To create world class platforms that transforms lives.

Company's Mission Statement:-

We will continuously delight our customers in current and new businesses by delivering superior value through enhanced offerings on the internet and other platforms. We will do this by preserving our entrepreneurial spirit and leveraging our financial strength and expertise in building brands, communities, product & technology, sales & services.

Company's Values:-

* Customer delight

* Entrepreneurship

* Knowledge

* Results

* Trust

Businesses in which company is operating & its evolution:-

Info Edge is in a business of e-business. Currently company has several web portal catering various demands & needs of its customers. It is playing mainly into four segments, where it has also gained a leadership stature as compared to its competitors.

Following figure shows the evolution of the company over the years since its inception:

Revenue models of various businesses of Info Endge:-

* Naukri:

o Major: Job listing and Employer Branding/Visibility & Resume Database Access

o Others: Job Seeker Services, Google Adsense, Advertising other than for jobs, Mobile revenues, Resume short listing and screening

* Jeevansathi:

o Website - Free to list, Free to search, Free to express interest, Pay to get contact details

o Offline centres (14 centres operational) - Walk in sales for matching services

* Siksha:

o Information exchange

o Colleges, Institutes, Universities advertise - May pay for leads

* 99acres:

o Most revenue from developers, builders and brokers

o Revenue from:- Property listings, builders/brokers branding and visibility - Microsites, home page links, banners, others like buyer database access, international listings

o Site has traction for residential, primary & secondary, sale and purchase - to develop for commercial and rental markets

Key drivers of success:-

Info Edge is leveraging the fact of being first mover in the respective market, as all their businesses are based on a virtuous cycle. It is like the more the number of listings on their any particular website, the more will be the traffic, and in turn as much response they will get, and hence the more will be the number of clients approaching them to enlist their offerings. The cycle will go on and hence their business will too. E.g.:- Vicious cycle of is shown below. It is leveraging the first mover advantage in this industry up to a greater extent.

* Naukri:

o Consolidate traffic share gained over the last 30 months

o Garner higher market share as growth continues

o Specific product innovations to combat the threat of Linked In and semantic search (Trovix) from

o Reap gains from sales team efficiencies - Restructuring, ERP, newer sales channels

o Develop and leverage social media and mobile apps

o Continue to invest in brand, sales team, customer service, tech product innovation, people

* Jeevansathi:

o Leverage the IP built over last 3 years through increased investment in brand building

o Scale up business by increasing growth rate from current 10-15% in the next 3 - 5 years

o Continued investment in analytics /algorithms

* 99acres:

o Market witnessing growth - activity in most real estate clusters

o Product innovation and evangelizing the space concept

o Increase traffic share and monetize traffic share gains of last 2 years

o Continue to improve the user experience

* New brands:

o Evangelize the value proposition of Shiksha & FirstNaukri

o Naukrigulf- Ride the gradual recovery in the Middle East

o Invest in potential big businesses for the future, like in Meritnation, Allcheckdeals, Policybazaar, Zomato, Mydala, 99labels, etc.

o Actively explore more opportunities (startups, M&A)

o Revamp

Going Social:-

Info Edge is squeezing benefits by using various social networking platforms properly. Presence on facebook helps divert traffic to its websites, in a greater extent. All the major sites in their portfolio have a facebook page. They are also present on twitter and other popular networking sites. The idea to showcase them in networking sites is to draw amplified attention to the respective websites. They are not present on these networking sites as 'Info



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