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Information System on Marketing Sales

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Research Paper

Information System on Marketing Sales

Wilman Martinez

Management Information System (SMT-273754-02-13SU2)

JUL 28, 2013

Ms. Catherine White


Information System changed in many ways how companies operate in marketing and sales. Information System has evolve marketing and sales in companies, it has created easier way to make smarter and sharper decision in a quicker fashion. Technology such as the internet has the ability to connect and send/extract information to/from other companies in matter of seconds.

Information System has dramatically changed the strategy for marketing and sales. Marketing and sales strategy is very important for company survival and success, especially in this competitive environment in today's market. However, formulating marketing and sales strategy is not easy at all. This is when Information System Is used to help making marketing and sales decisions somehow easier and smartly. According to Shuliang, Kinmam, Duan and Edward "In order to help managers formulate good marketing strategy, computer-based information systems have been applied to support the process of marketing strategy development and strategic marketing planning in different ways gather information." Gathering information has become a lot easier to gather, accurate and storage into a computer system due to technologies advances. Companies cannot afford to collect data slow and inefficient with the competition following their tail or in some cases ahead. This is when the need of technology comes, using Universal Product Code (UPC) helps reducing time and collecting data. According to Amaravadi, Samaddar, Dutta " Technological and marketing innovations such as universal product code (UPC) scanners are reducing traditional barriers such as the time taken for data entry, the cost of collecting market information and the time taken to process these huge volumes of information." Gathering this information allow companies to get competitive advantages and if it done the right way it can even help determine future sales pattern, improving productivity and saves money and time.

Most companies are using Marketing Information System (MKIS) which is a system that gather, store and analyses marketing information to aid making a smart decision about marketing and sales. Information System is very important in today's market and it is being used smartly everyday by companies trying to make the right decision. According to Hosami, F., Tahvildari, K., Moradi, M., Taheri, A., Nasab, A. H. "Value of information technology marketing information systems in businesses and industry has never been greater and more significant than today. There is no one to ignore the role of new technologies of information in different social and organizational processes." For instance, most companies are using the e-commerce in a daily basis and they are doing it very well. Companies that are not following these steps of e-commerce are bound to fail. Companies are using Email for marketing, Email users have increased greatly in the last decade and if it done correctly, it can be a helpful tool. In fact email marketing can be use to boost the e-commerce. Moreover, companies involved with Information system and in adapting new technologies to stay competitive in the market are the companies which have been doing well while the ones not keeping up with technologies will fail. According to Hosami, F., Tahvildari, K., Moradi, M., Taheri, A., Nasab, A. H. "Organizations that are fully applied IT in their marketing department, have been able to compete more effectively." For example, In the NAVY for recruiting a system



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