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Information Systems Used in Our Day to Day Lives.

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Essay Preview: Information Systems Used in Our Day to Day Lives.

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                             Information Systems Used in Our Day to Day Lives    

Information Systems is a term used to describe automated systems that collect, analyze and store information and data. Management Information Systems (MIS) has emerged with the understanding of the importance of information in managerial functions and decisions, and the application of the system approach to management in order to enable managers to access the right information at the right time and in the right channels. Management information systems are a system for managing interactive information aimed at facilitating management functions to optimize organizational activities in order to save time and money. With this system, a management control is provided on the information. The aim of the system; to obtain, analyze and analyze the information in a systematic manner and to provide the required user with timely, accurate, current and minimum uncertainty.

In this paper, examples of informations systems that are used frequently will be mentioned. There are three types of information systems that we use in our day to day activities. These are:

  • DSS        : Decision Support System
  • KMS        : Knowledge Management System
  • TPS        : Transaction Process System

Decision support systems (DSS) are a system for solving complex problems, including programming, information technology and the interaction and mixing of human intelligence in an efficient and optimal way. In other words, it is the use of available formulas to solve unstructured problems. It is designed to support decision making. Online shopping sites use these systems to gather information of each customer and analyze them. Customer’s buying behavior is used to market new products and promotions. Organizations use this strategy to increase their sales. Evaluate the big data that comes from each and every customer’s buying decision and choices.

Another important system is the Transaction Process System (TPS). Especially shopping enthusiasts are closer to the concept of POS devices, because they often encounter and often use the credit card payments. There are a few simple points when using POS devices; the business owner must apply to the bank to have this device and provide installation on the telephone line. Thus, cash shopping as well as credit card shopping is made possible. This situation makes it easier for customers who prefer credit card.

The number of POS devices has increased due to the orientation of shopping on credit card. Now one can make purchases almost anywhere with their credit card, where there are POS devices. There are more than one POS device, especially in large shopping places. The TPS system identifies the card owner and its balance and approves the transaction accordingly. This is an important strategy of sales both for retailers and banks since consumers are offered with ease of shopping. Consumers do not have to carry cash, and their expenses can be divided into monthly payments. This system again increases the sales of retailers and banks cut commission in return for their services.



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