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Internet and the Television Industry

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Essay Preview: Internet and the Television Industry

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Karli Ward

Group Reflection


During this group project, I learned several different things. I learned more about working with a team, as well as how to deal with situations that may come up in the future business world. I believe that I am more prepared to deal with a crisis or even a smaller problem that I may face. I now know how to take charge and what the proper steps are to take when trying to resolve the problem. My favorite part of the project was the actual "team" part. I liked working as a group and seeing everything come together as a whole to add up to an effective presentation. I feel like if the group is on task and everyone does their part as they should, you are almost guaranteed to have a project that is worth something. Specifically, I liked the digital project aspect of the project as well. I feel like for not only my group, but the rest of them as well, that this was a very effective part of the presentation. It regained the listeners attention and it was interesting to see what the different groups were going to come up with. For my group, that was probably the most fun thing to put together, as we experienced several "bloopers." My least favorite part of the project probably dealt with the report and trying to get it all organized and to have the whole group "on the same page." We didn't have a terrible experience with this, but it was definitely the most difficult part.

For my group members individually, I will rate them based on what I believe they deserve:

Zeke Felag-8. Zeke stayed on task and was efficient with getting his parts for the project in on time. He took initiative on some things and put together effective information. I think that he did a very good job presenting as well. The only thing that was a little off was that once he got his part in, he wasn't really willing to help with incorporating it into the report itself. Other than that, great group member!

Ryan Medeiros-9. Ryan was a good group member and was willing to assist me with putting the report together as well as put the power point together. He also got all of his stuff in on time. I think when he actually presented, it could have been a little slower for effectiveness, but he still did a good job. Great group member as well.

Tyler Cockriel-6. The only reason I rate Tyler a little lower than the rest is because he was very late getting his parts of the project in and was unable to meet whenever we tried. I also had to personally redo some of his part because it was too late to keep resending it back and forth and I just told him that I would take care of it. I think overall he did a good job presenting his information. Not a bad person to work with though.

Taylor Young-9. Taylor was very good to work with he was always on task



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